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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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hey, get up, get up. time to get back to school seriously. >> vice-president joe biden hears cheers from the crowd encouraging him to run for president but can he be convinced. i know you want to see the pope in person, free tickets are available again, beginning at noon. we will tell you thousand get your hand on the hottest tickets in town. good day, everybody. it is tuesday, september 8th, the family is back. >> yes. >> let's hold hands. >> today is a big day. students have gone back to asked. >> everybody is going back to school. >> i had their bags pack at front door suns sunday, ready to go. >> bob kelly has been waiting
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for this moment. >> we are the world, we are the children it is like a parent's christmas eve. >> we have a new segment called wake my kid up, we will go into a person's home this morning and get their kid up, who has a hard time getting up. >> that will be classic. >> live on tv. >> and it will be in a good day way, which will be exciting. >> weather and traffic. >> we will get to an eight out of ten today, pretty good numbers but it will be really hot and humid, and that is tough for those schools who do not have air conditioning and there are plenty of them out the there. be prepared for that, make sure, we will add a little water bottle to buddy a's ensemble. he is back to basic bus stop buddy waiting for school bus with temperatures in the 60's and 07a73 in philadelphia 48 her sent relative humidity. sunrise time at 6:45.
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no rain on radar and none on the way for a couple of days. so here it is, your back to school forecast is for a high temperature of 93 degrees. we are off to a mild start this morning. hot and humid for recess, today. but, we will bring you some rain in the forecast, the seven day, we will tell you when, coming up in just a few minutes. here we go bob kelly. >> i love how you decorated your classroom there, sue. 6:02. back to work and school, everybody is heading out this morning. we will see unusual traffic volume, not only just on the majors but in the neighborhood. remember the school buses will be picking the kids up, making those frequent stops. you have to pay attention. the if these blinking lights are flashing from the school bus, remember it is a stop all the way around the board. so far so good for gang from chester county n problems on the turnpike. we have an accident at route 29 and gravel pike. there is a crash in lower merion, mill creek road right
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off of grace lane and then a water main break in south jersey route 130 southbound at pennsauken right here near betsy ross bridge taking out the right lane for the morning rush hour. otherwise looking good on 295, starting to see slow downs on the freeway, coming in toward the city, septa's regional rail line they kick in a new schedule over the weekend so first morning workday rush hour and in which a new schedule for all regional rails and city, suburban and victory transit divisions and same deal for patco high speed line, new schedule kicks in this morning, but no problems on mass transit a and bridges. 6:03. it is tuesday. >> today is tuesday. >> fire fighters they battled to control a wild fire which has grown to five hub acres in burlington county. this is pine barons near wood land township on wood nancy road. sky fox overhead after the wild fires started yesterday afternoon. it spread into ocean county and smoke is drifting north
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east toward the shore. that is crew as tacking it from the air and also on the ground. now it is dry out there and several inches below normal rainfall totals right now. new jersey forest fire service is expected the fire to grow bigger before they can begin to contain it. >> once the sun comes up sky fox will show you what is going on right now. today is first day of school for a lot of kids. >> so our jenny joyce is live at carver high school in north philadelphia jenny, we are ready to go back to school. >> let's do it. >> reporter: let's do it n an hour and a half school will be back in session for philadelphia school district. this is carver high school. students will not only be greeted by teachers and staff but superintendent doctor hite and mayor michael nutter a as state budget is two months overdue which could have a a significant impact on schools. the financial christ ace monk the the philadelphia school district is nothing new in, 2011, a billion dollars in education funning was slash from the state budget and ever since schools have been forced to make cuts. in the 2015/2016 state budget
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proposal governor tom wolf is pushing to restore that funding. he is proposing a 400 million-dollar increase to the basic education subsidy, and a 100 million-dollar increase in the special education subsidy. it is largest one year school funding increase in pennsylvania history. but will it pass. there are no signs side are nearing an agreement. instead of planning to ratify a budget republicans say they may push for a stop gap bill which can at least get state money to counties and non-profit organizations in the meantime. so some school districts have money to help them through a budget impasse, others don't and they may have to inact immediate cuts or dip into that reserve funding. already tough choices at the beginning of the new school year mike anal a ex- >> that is for sure. we will check back with you. as kids arrive at the school. 605:67:89 an argument inside of a bar in the olney section of the city, spills outside
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leaving two people shot. police say it happened around 12:30 this morning at fifth and olney. a to 22-year old man was shot in the said and said to be in extremely critical condition. a 24 year-old was also shot and she's in stable condition. both victims were taken to einstein hospital. police have a man in custody. they think he is the the shooter. they also found a gun two blocks away. a family and their doggies displaced after fire early this morning. >> it happened in the northeast section in the 2400 block of gratz street. police say fire started around 2:30 this morning and went on for an hour before fire fighters placed it under control. nobody was injury. fire crewness fishtown battled a fire on the 23 -- 2300 block of east norris street, flames broke out shortly before 3:00 o'clock this morning, crews had it
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under control in a half an hour. nobody was hurt. red cross street is on the scene. and, and their dogs. 6:07. it is almost ticket time. it will be here, in just a three weeks, and here we go, get tickets you can see him. this time it is in the getting there but it is once you there are how close you will get. i will have a few different chances to day but you will in the get the anywhere close without a ticket that is for sure. that is why ticket will be available this afternoon start ago a at noon to see the pontiff's speak in front of the independent hall. on the 26th, that is a saturday. steve keeley, out there, trying to figure out what this is all about. we will get to him in just a second. students and parents are not only ones back to work
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after the holiday, congress returns today from their break today. >> they called her fox i knocksy what they are saying about the murder case against amanda knox. >> she is still living up in the seattle area.
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up to two dozen shots were fired there yesterday afternoon. >> somehow nobody got hit. it happened near the corner of oregon avenue, and randolph, at least six cars were hit though. and, damage that spans several city blocks. a school was in the cross fire because it was labor day, no kid were on campus, of course, otherwise, school would have been, certainly letting out at the time. one woman who asked not to be identified say a bullet went through her bedroom window as she was sleeping, taking a nap. now she's ready to move. >> i mean i was laying down. i heard popping sound and i heard breaking glass. >> what was going on? police are investigating still. so far in answers in, arrests, they don't necessity who it was. 6:11. vice-president joe by up still has in the said if he is running for president but can
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he be convince todd do it. what supporters are doing to try to sway him. >> i'll talk to him. >> bob? good morning we are starting to see delays, in the pennsy turnpike through construction zone that turnpike connection bridge heading west in towards philly/bensalem. we will see unusual traffic patterns today as folks head back to school and sun begins to rise over philadelphia, ring the bell, grab your lunch box lets get. we will grab a cup of coffee and coming right back.
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we're glad we had a dry who will take weekend no rain to ruin your fun but we are, dry, dry, dry and in fact rainfall deficit for july, august and september so far, of, ready, 4.5 inches. four and a half inches, below where we should be at this time of the year no measurable rainfall in philadelphia since august 20th. we had 35, 90-degree plus days so far, in 2015. the last sum their was close to being this hot was, 2012, we ended up with 39 degrees of 90 or above. we are close to that now and we have today and tomorrow to add to that total thanks to high pressure which is keeping us nice and hot for today and humid as well. you felt it building up yesterday, it will be worse today and or tomorrow before a
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cold front comes, late wednesday night, probably after 10:00 o'clock in our northern and western suburbs we will start with the thunderstorms and then they will move through maybe waking you up wednesday night into thursday. thursday morning we will have some rain and that will linger on and off throughout the rest of the day. by afternoon we could be ragging and rolling with thunderstorms and heavy downpours. it has been so dry, heavy downpours will be a good thing and maybe remove that rainfall deficit for our area. we are tracking tropics with tropical storm grace still in the middle of the atlantic ocean. it isn't until closer to the weekend that it starts to get in the caribbean and puerto rico. no fog to report this morning. slightly reduced visibility in lancaster and allentown but that is okay. different from yesterday, 70 degrees in philadelphia a55 in mount pocono. sixty-eight in trenton. it is starting to feel muggy though because these dew points are getting in the 60's and that makes it feel very
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sticky outside. so 90's last week for that extended heat wave, a break over the saturday and sunday portion of your holiday weekend and 90 degrees for labor day. that is one, here's two, here's three, heat wave number six of 2015. and then those soaking thunderstorms on thursday, again kind of the good thing. we need rain. dry on friday. so far so good on the weekend. 83 degrees on the saturday. maybe not even 80 on sunday. so lots to look forward to in that seven day forecast but the drive with everybody back at work and school, yikes. >> it will be a rough one. the it takes a a week for the dust to settle. we will have all that extra volume beginning today. folks, everybody is back to work. kid are back to school. the school buses where us, the teachers, the ad minute straightors are back and we will have a full bus this morning. live look, curb check, we are
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seeing delays in and out of the city. beginning of that morning rush hour here, i-95 coming from delaware county heading up toward the airport pockets of volume along the way. we have been looking for your school pictures of the kids but this is what it looks like after the kid pull away on the bus. here's the parents version of the back to school pick . jumping up and down excited for kid to head back to school. regional rails septa's norristown high speed line between nova and bryn mawr, they are boarding on the outbound platforms on day. otherwise regional rails are in good shape. accident in phoenixville route 29 at gravel pike and then lower merion an accident at mill creek and grays lane. we have a what the are main break on route 130 south right here near betsy ross and we are seeing delays south of i-95 into girard avenue. mike and alex, back over to you. our lead story yesterday morning was about this taxi cab. >> yes. >> a tax that i killed two pedestrians over near city
6:19 am
hall. >> now we are know more about the victims. they have been identified as 25 year-old amanda a degrilamo of phoenixville and brian boti of baltimore. both were killed crossing broad street yesterday morning. both had been attending made in america festival. police say the driver is a 41 year-old driver for rosemont taxi cab. he was taken the two hospital for chest pains. they are awaiting tax coming results. witnesses say the driver was speeding. he was going about 50 miles an hour in a 25-mile an hour zone. >> 25 miles an hour, you are supposed to be going 25 miles an hour, he is going 50. >> 6:19. run, joe run. that was the chant heard in the annual labor day parade on monday. well, that within yesterday. in pitberg. hundreds urging vice-president the joe biden to throw his hat. he does have a hat on there. throw his hat into the ring for the presidency. the vice-president said he will seriously consider a late
6:20 am
entry into the race, however, last week he said he was not certain if he and his family has emotional energy for another campaign. hillary clinton says she does not need to apologize, for her e-mail scandal. in an interview with the associated press clinton says that what she did was quota lot. she admitted scandal is a distraction but remains confident in the efforts to win. hillary says she's thinking toward her game plan of reintroducing herself to the american people. >> we will see how that goes. congress returns to work this morning about the o'clock this morning after their summer recess. lawmakers face self key issues, including, voting on the iran deal, they will do that by september 17th and of course, they have that spending deal to deal with. the house and senate could vote as early as this week on the iran deal but they have until the 17th. the both g.o.p. controlled
6:21 am
chambers are expected to pass motions of disapproval of the deal but president obama promises a veto on those motions and neither chamber has two thirds majority to offer ride the presidential veto. the president must sign a stop gap spending bill by september 30th to keep the federal government fully operational. conservative wants to tie the spending bill to an effort to defund planned parenthood, which could create potential for another governmental shut down or the threat of the shut down. president obama spent labor day working on a new executive order. >> yes, he likes those executive order. president obama signs an order granting federal contract employees up to seven days of paid sick leave, we told but this yesterday. >> he called on congress to pass a national law that will benefit all wage workers, and, basically, will help businesses to grow. he is hoping republicans will
6:22 am
get on game. >> has he lost weight. >> he does look kind of thin. >> he works out every day. >> play as lot of golf. >> it is somewhat stressful being the the president of the united states, and leader of the free world, stress. the phillies set a record last night but not a good one. now, they are coping with low scores, and low attendance. that is for sure a lot of blue seats. do you want to see lottery numbers. it is exciting to you. >> it does. >> let me see them. >> let's put them up. >> there we go. >> double eight's.
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nfl commissioner roger goodell isn't too happy with tom brady as you can imagine. >> patriots quarterback tom brady got judge to rescind his four game suspension. so commissioner roger goodell said he will not attend the opening game, with pittsburgh, at new england, this thursday night. no, he will in the go. the nfl has also decided tom brady will not be in any super bowl promotions. boy, thorough just nit picking
6:26 am
each other. >> then came this tweet the possible super bowl quarterbacks in super bowl 50. do you see anybody missing there? yeah, no tom brady. >> he is only one of the top players in the nfl. >> yep. >> if not their top star. >> everyone is talking about this. nfl has taken it down but it still happened, trying to cut him out. >> is our guy in there, sam is in the in there. >> maybe next year good you have payton manning, you have you're on rodgers there, on both side of the 50. >> russell wilson. >> russell wilson should be there. >> he is behind the silver football is that him. >> okay, all right. >> you have your drew breeze, you have your dude who plays forked cardinals who is that carson palmer. >> do you know who is missing, howard eskin. >> in, i fun him. here he is, hey howard, what is up. >> good morning i'm howard eskin. phillies played last night begins an atlanta team that lost 12 straight.
6:27 am
so bad phillies had an all time low in attendance. they announced over five but turn style county got was 3900 people. lets go to the ballpark. aaron harang who lost his 15th game last night. that is freddie freeman with the two run home run for the atlanta braves. puts them tup to nothing. in the ninth inning with the score five-two hector oliveri, two run home run. phillies lose to atlanta, the score is seven - two. the the fedex cub, north on, massachusetts, and way it should be good. deutch bank championship say that all in one breath. ricky fouler with the 40-foot birdie muttt. henrick stenson double bogeyed 16th. he need this putt to tayoun 18th. he does not. ricky fouler wins by one. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> yes, you are. >> yes, you you.
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and i am ukee washington. >> hello, family. >> hey family. >> you have to say the mike jerrick. >> you know what, i have a question for you, is your child headed back to school right now? send us your picture and we will put them on the air. >> yes. >> seriously. >> what. >> we do this every year. lets come up with a new idea you don't want to see pictures. >> does anybody care about looking at other peoples children. >> i think they do. >> toss to break right now. >> yes, we will take a break. so out of control. >> we will take a break.
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kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is seeking an exception. what her attorneys are propose nothing hopes offsetting up a break. we are starting a new segment today called, wake up my kid. we will go inside that house behind you. quincy. >> q, q wake me up. i'm so excited. is there nothing more than that i want to do then i like to wake people up. we will wake up two kid, she tweet had you, yesterday and she had two kids. we will try to wake them up, in lester. pa. not chester, but lester, pennsylvania. >> well do this.
6:32 am
>> wake up my kid. >> that would be fun. >> wonder how he will do it. pope francis will be here at the end of the month and tickets will be a available starting to day. do you want to see him. we will tell you what you need to do if you want to see the pontiff in person up close. >> i'm so confused, by all of this. you will need three different tickets. >> like wrist bands. >> made in the america festival you have like six. >> you need ticket, you have to get your passes. you should just have a booklet to get everything organized. >> good day everybody, it is tuesday september 8th. you look fantastic. i like mustard color. >> this is my flight attendant blouse. >> please. >> check the the exits. >> right behind you, please keep all seat belts fasten. >> where is the beverage carte know where the beverage cart is. >> i will go right now.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, sue serio. >> parents will be popping corks as soon as that school bus pull as way, right? right. they is back to basics bus stop buddy with temperatures in the 60's and 07's this morning. brand new backpack and sneakers. sunrise isn't official until 6:35. we have a few cloud, 37 degrees. the southeasterly wind at six. 84 percent relative humidity n rain to show you, and it will in the rain today or tomorrow. probably not until wednesday night into thursday. we will have more tea tails on that coming up but in weather by the numbers it is eight out of ten with increased heat and humidity. 93 degrees our high temperature today. sunset time is now 7:22 as those days start to get shorter. by the way, in case you are wondering we will keep talking about yesterday being unofficial end to summer. officially autumn begins
6:34 am
september 23rd at 4:21 in the morning bob kelly. >> we will be up for that. 6:34. getting up and out already delays on 422 eastbound from trooper road in through king have of prussia as that first day back to work and school after the holidays. so everyone will be showing up this morning. we will see unusual delays not only on the majors but in the neighborhoods, remember as the school buses are making their trips through the neighborhood a frequent stops, as they stop and have red lights on, there is a huge fine not the to mention danger of the passing school bus as they go by. northbound on the freeway delays toward i295 and we are seeing delays southbound i-95 out of the northeast philadelphia first hit breaks through bedcy ross bridge interchange, construction zone number one and down near girard as we head into center city. septa's regional rails running with no delays but norristown high speed line between nova and bryn mawr, everybody has
6:35 am
to board on the outbound platforms. crash up in phoenixville route 29 and gravel pike and in lower merion a crash mill creek and grays lane. water main break south on route 130 near betsy ross bridge. that is taking out right lane rolling south in toward pennsauken this morning. new schedules on the regional rail lines plus city, suburban and victory transit divisions also kicked in a new timetable over the weekend, mike and alex, back over to you. >> come over here, man. >> have you seen t-shirt going on about the the pope. look at this one that alex found. it has a very nice front. >> overlooking the parkway, city sky line. >> yes. >> here we go on the back. >> only in philly. >> this is on i saw these on line and said
6:36 am
my goodness, this is classic. >> have you seen tony lukes, he has shirts at his place that says yo, pope. >> they are great. >> yes, great paraphernalia can i call that it. >> yeah, pp. >> send them our way or tweet us, we want to see it. there are creative ways philly is welcoming the pope because he will be here at the end of the month. >> sue, how many days before the pope is here. >> i don't know. >> i can't do math. >> today is the eighth, so we have 18 days. >> anyway, he will be a block from frustrates right here at our tv station at fourth and market. he will be at fifth and market in front of the independent mall in the 26th of september. >> we want to get close. a lot of people want to get close but we need to get tickets. >> we have missed you steve keeley, welcome back. >> good to see you. >> reporter: chances are where you guys are sitting now will be closer then most people
6:37 am
will be when the pope makes his first big showing here on the independent mall. that is why they will have a secure secure area here and let 10,000 people in that area if they get tickets. to get the ticket you have to go on line at high noon and there will be high demand. instead of eating lunch people are biting their nails or filing their nails down at their keyboard at work going on line with the world meeting of families web site when the tickets are a available at noon. 10,000 seats are standing room only tickets, means 2500 people only winning because you're allowed four ticket. four into 10,000 goes 2500 times. that is a tiny little fraction on of all of the people in town that weekend, wanting to see the pope. it is like power ball odds. a lot of people are fed up they are telling us with all these new announcements and new things like tickets to see the pope and parade routes and
6:38 am
everything else. >> we feel confident that all who come will be delighted and enjoy these events. it will be great. >> we live so close to independent hall i thought we would be able to be close enough to see them but now that there is tickets i don't know what will happen. >> it is exciting that the pope is coming, great for the city but i think with all of these new announcements so late in the game it is very confuse to go everybody. >> reporter: pope talk here now even with greater significance here in the world because the topic here will be immigration, and religious freedom. and, in europe, and, and it seems to be. and, and these ticket in high demand to see the pope and
6:39 am
likely just to hear what she has to, and. >> that is for sure. >> big announcement yesterday about annul. >> yes. >> make ago lot of announcements. >> yes. >> as you know, today, i think all of the kid all over the delaware valley are back in school as of this morning. >> yes, we have a lot of people who started over the past week or so, but for now everybody is back. jenny joyce is back live at carver high school in north philadelphia. >> hi, jenny. >> good morning guys. school district of philadelphia is goes back to school today. sun coming up. gates have opened up at carver high school. we are expecting students to arrive around 7:30 this morning. everything is in the completely rosie. this school year begins with the state budget not in place. standard and poors says pennsylvania's two month-old budget stalemate creates uncertainty that the state will be able to help cash strapped school districts. we know philadelphia schools have been in financial crisis. the last year with all of the
6:40 am
cuts made in this years budget governor tom wolf is proposing a 400 million-dollar increase in the basic education subsidy and 100 million-dollar increase in the special education subsidy. it is largest one year school funding increase in pennsylvania history. path state education association is certainly on board with this budget proposal which should help schools get back to funding levels prior to 2011, when one million-dollar in school funning was lost but senate will be back in session mid-september. republicans are in the looking to pass the budget as is but governor wants impasse. when students do arrive they will be greeted not only by staff and teachers but also by superintendent doctor hite, and hopefully they will have a wonderful first day and everything else will come together, mike and alex. >> let's hope so. that is a very optimistic of jenny joyce. >> we should be optimistic. the gate are now opened.
6:41 am
the the gates are opened. >> come, children, yes. >> come children. >> thanks, jenny joyce. >> as i promised you once we got first light here and we do have have it, sky fox is over this big fire in the pine barons, look at that. this thing is massive, isn't it. burlington burning through ocean county. smoke is drifting north east, toward the ocean, of course, but this has been going on since yesterday afternoon. we will stay on top of it. 6:41. man who admitted huntington cecil the lion is coming out of hiding. it is easy to find protesters to find him now, because he is heading back to work. we will tell you what he is assaying this morning. (plays throughout)
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hey, bring me up to tait on the minnesota dentist who shot an arrow and then shot, with a gun, cecil the lion. >> you are talking about
6:45 am
walter palmer. >> that is him. >> everyone in the world is pretty much mad at him after killing cecil in zimbabwe but he is heading back to to work today. he been in hiding for more than a movement he gave his first interview to the associated press and minneapolis newspaper on sunday. he insists that the hunt was legal, and he says he was stunned to find out his hunting party killed the cecil the lion. palmer says that no one in his hunting party knew the that the lion was important to the country and he didn't have have a research collar on. protesters are expect to be at palmer's office. they have been out there when he wasn't at work. they are expecting to be back out when he does walk into work. >> well, that should be interesting isn't point of getting a guide when you go on these hunt in safaris, that they should know area and animals. >> he is blaming it on the guides. >> 6:45. hey mike you were concerned about allergies, were you not.
6:46 am
>> i believe i have developed late on set allergies. >> you might ab leverage i can to ragweed or grass. >> he walk in and his eyes were completely red. >> yes. >> here we go. >> why to we measure allergies with a yellow screw. >> why not. >> it is a point of comparison. >> this orangey yellow screw and it is a little less screw i tomorrow and then when it rains on thursday, pollen levels will be not as screw i. >> i gotcha. >> it is because he has a screw loose, that is quite appropriate really. welcome back to school, here comes the buses. we're all ready to go, with all of our new notebooks and everything. mix of sun and clouds this morning. temps in the lower 07's when you wait for the school bus. our sunrise time was official at 6:34 this morning. talking about projected path of that tropical storm grace.
6:47 am
it is not until weekend we will start to see it impact the lee ward island and then eventually puerto rico. we will see what it does after that if it effects us. we could use some rain but we will not get to it day thanks to high pressure and we will not get it tomorrow. we have a front that is waiting in the wings out to our west, and this front, will not arrive here until wednesday night into thursday. then some much needed rain, starts about 10:00 o'clock in the northern and western suburbs and then thunderstorms probable wednesday night. could wake you up wednesday night into thursday morning and then just waiting in the wings. >> all right. >> who is your favorite tv character. >> you. >> no, no, it is john hamm. >> yeah. >> mad men. >> he is available now. >> i'll tell thaw in a minute. >> all right. >> i told you that was my exception. >> yes. >> he has got one too, if he can get him, he can have them.
6:48 am
>> eva menendez. >> that is right, you remember. it will rain on thursday. it can rain heavily at times. we need rain. that is enough of that. lets talk about visibility, we have reduced visibility up in allentown, lancaster this morning but no thick or dense fog. 37 degrees in philadelphia mid 60's to the north of us, and then, mid 60's down in wildwood, down to 07 and very humid in dover, delaware. ready for more 90's. we have upper 80's and low humidity on saturday and sun take but yesterday got hot for your labor day barbecue and 90 . we will have 90 degrees today and 92 tomorrow. some thunderstorms as we told you on thursday, drying out on friday, but so far so good for the weekend. by sunday it will be so nice we may not even make it to 80 degrees. so some more comfortable temperatures coming up, but a bit uncomfortable sitting in the traffic jam, right bob kelly. >> traffic jams back this
6:49 am
morning. we have a vehicle fire on the 42 freeway coming in towards philadelphia here's a live look at six lanes here all jammed autopsy approaching the walt whitman bridge, we are bumper to bumper here from route 55, vehicle fire taking out two lanes right before you get to the approach of the walt whitman bridge. heading in towards philadelphia right now jump off and use ben franklin bridge and that will avoid delay up and over walt whitman. live look for gang leaving downingtown 30 bypass starting to make a crawl in toward that 202 interchange. we have sun glare on i-95 northbound heading from high land avenue all the way up through commodore barry bridge. southbound i-95 wood have tone downtown just under a half an hour. east on the schuylkill another ten minutes and we will see that sun glare popping up over the conshohocken curve. new schedules for septa a regional rails and city, suburban, victory transit divisions. the schedule went into effect
6:50 am
on sunday but you today is first workday and back to school day we will deal with that. also norristown high speed line between villanova and bryn mawr, they are boarding outbound platforms for only next couple days and crash on route 29 at gravel pike. otherwise we are looking good, up and over bridge and in problems on mass transit. mike and alex, back over to you. bob kelly's sue serio's crush john ham m of mad men went to the university of missouri. >> yes. >> kansas guy. >> somehow has a career. after 18 years of dating, john hamm and his girl friend jennifer have decided to call it the quits. eighteen years of dating. >> you know what they say after so many years, he will not marry her. >> after two years. >> you think two. >> how long have you been with your fiance. >> in of your best. >> six or eight. >> lets talk about this. >> there is a lot of break up rumors and last seen together
6:51 am
on july 22nd. people saw them at a netflix after party back then. >> that is almost two months. >> so, they say they will keep supporting each other in anyway possible but they are done. so sue, you better tell billy. >> i'm ready. >> we had a previous discussion, your time has come. the time is now. >> at last... >> you can have some hamm for breakfast. >> that is what she's thinking about, is what for breakfast, honey. a lit built of hamm. >> john hamm for breakfast. eat up. >> bring it on. >> we can have hamm every day this week. >> oh, lord. >> busy labor day weekend for the rock, you know that guy. >> he added two french bull dog pup toys his family. talking about dwayne johnson. >> yes. >> he saved one from drowning. he took them outside to handle
6:52 am
their business and poddy like big boys when they jumped in to his pool. one was swimming just fine while other sunk leak a brick. the rock saved the day and posted this adorable picture. >> what a hero. >> he he walk in his own rule and fish the dog out, wow. >> he could have just sit there. >> yes. >> please. he could use a net, you try to clean out to get leaves out. >> it is called a net. >> but long one. >> a skimmer. >> yes, skimmer is what it is called. >> he could use the skimmer and pick it right up. >> we are moving on. >> i need to be quiet right now. >> hi. >> sibling rivalry of the fury variety, just before the end of the hour. we are doing dog stories.
6:53 am
>> yes, what are these bear cubs caught enjoying last days of summer. >> a zoo. >> you think they put the dogs in the pool. >> i just don't care good how does that happen.
6:54 am
6:55 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] oh, look at. >> that look at the rays of sunshine. you need that in your life. >> i do. >> and some coffee. >> coffee, i don't care about sunshine. just coffee. >> someone please. >> this is weird, a tiger cub,
6:56 am
was wondering around southern california, in a neighborhood there yesterday. >> and nobody knows how he got there, but he is resting and recovering in the animal sanctuary. he man i look healthy but he has a long way to go. he was mal nourish, injured and even declawed which is illegal in the state of the california. >> somebody was using him as a pet. that is not good. >> they say he has been crying for his mom which means he was most likely taken from her to be bread in captivity. >> what is the story behind this. >> yeah. >> ahh. >> we need to investigate this and keep you updated on that throughout the week. this is really cute, colorado man captured this rare video of bear cubs playing in the wild. he sees the mother every year but never sees the cubs, you can see them wrestling by the tree having fun before wandering away to catch up with mommy. >> unbearably cute. >> good one, mike. >> lets take a break. >> 6:56.
6:57 am
>> i just can't bear it. ♪ all of our legendary racing heritage. all of our pioneering four wheel drive experience. come together in one amazing new vehicle.
6:58 am
this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. layover. 24 hours. hello, reykjavik. oh, so that's how you spell it. what are you looking at? oh, cool. hungry. fish, anyone? hello, seventh waterfall of the day. hello, duck boat. hello, sheep? oh right!
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itchy icelandic sweaters and no foreign transaction fees. sweet. one last look. ahh. triple points. and we're off. what's next? wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. look at this, forest fire has been burning on it of control in burlington county, new jersey since yesterday. the latest, efforts to bring this thing under control. it is a mess. and it is a news many divorced catholics been waiting for pope francis is relaxing the rules in regard
7:00 am
to annul. , why the pontiff felt now is the time for reform. back to work and back to school, get your bus, eat your breakfast, pack your lunch all before that bus comes. hurry, almost time to get out of the door. quincy harris here to help he will wake up your kids. >> tell us what you are doing. >> i am in lester pennsylvania. we have two kids and we will wake them up. i'm so excited because i love to prank people. do not miss this on good day. >> it is an age old struggle, it is back to schooltime. the kid don't want to get up. we are providing this service. great service to the community. >> i wonder what he will use a horn or something. >> what would be goodies a mega phones. >> go right up. >> get up. we will go in and wake these two kids up because their parents contacted me yesterday. i cannot get them up. >> especially on the first day. >>he


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